Working Groups

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Want to setup a Working Group?

See the FAQ section below.

Active Working Groups

The current Alliance Working Groups are listed below the FAQ.

EOS Alliance Working Groups FAQ

What is the EOS Alliance Working Group model?

EOS Alliance is emulating the ​IETF​, which creates working groups (under various names) based on interest.

What do you need to start Working Group?

The template for an EOS Alliance Working Group starts with a topic, ie “developer productivity on EOS”. Volunteers are needed in roughly this order:

  • A core group of laid-back facilitator types who will curate the conversation and ensure anybody can join; they are the umbrella. Facilitators have a Charter (see below) that states their scope of work on the problem space.
  • One or more core group(s) of passionate volunteers who believe they have a good path forward; they fit under the umbrella and work out specific ideas/solutions as a solutions group.

What will a Working Group do?

  • Once some of the ideas are formed, the facilitators umbrella group uses communications features (web meetings, translation, publishing) of the Alliance to host periodic conversations about the topic, putting out monthly or weekly summaries, etc.
  • If there are two or more solutions groups, the facilitators group can’t show preferences.
  • At some point there may be a WPS or Constitutional Amendment to put out; the facilitators group typically helps the solutions group with final revisions.

Click here for a sample charter.

Active EOS Alliance Working Groups

  • Korean EOS Users (contact: David Margulies; output: planning a regular YouTube vlog)
  • Chinese EOS Users (contact: @Khaleesiwang ; multiple groups; output: weekly meeting summaries and schedule of coming topics)
  • WPS / CFD group (contact: Josh Kaufmann or David M; output: unclear right now)
  • Synchronize (contact: Justin Buck; output: weekly text updates and irregular meeting summaries; eventually leading to a ballot initiative)
  • Dispute Resolution (contact: Amy Wan; may have gone dark)

Groups we support who don’t have Alliance charters:

  • Referendum group

Others under consideration but not yet chartered:

  • Code Repository for EOSIO code mgmt
  •  Smart Contract Coding Best Practices