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Lightning Clearwater / Terry Gross

Internet lawyer and General Counsel of EOS Alliance

Lightning has had an extensive focus on the changing face of copyright, trademark and media law in the digital age. His first degree and career in computer science, including as a systems programmer for IBM and the UCSF Medical Center gave him early expertise in the developing computer field. Since that time, he has been an active force in the field of Internet law, as the first general counsel to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and in numerous cases involving issues of online journalists and media protection, and cryptocurrency disputes.

He is a founding board member and vice-president of the Burning Man Project, and was General Counsel to Burning Man for over 20 years. In that position, he has negotiated, advised and litigated numerous trademark, copyright and privacy matters. He represents authors, artists, performers and their agents in negotiating contracts for publication, performance, and sale of motion picture and television rights. Terry Gross regularly represents journalists and media organizations. For example, in 2008, he represented The New York Times and several Business Week journalists against Hewlett-Packard, seeking and obtaining damages when HP illegally obtained private telephone records of the journalists in an attempt to learn the trade secrets of the identities of the journalists’ sources.

He also practices in public international law. He recently represented the national telephone company of Bolivia, and in proceedings in New York and London successfully overturned attachment orders of the telephone company’s assets, issued after nationalization of the telephone company. Terry Gross has been lead counsel and adviser to the Republic of Panama, its agencies and its Mission to the United Nations. He represented the Cuban national telephone company and successfully overturned the attempted garnishment of its assets to satisfy a judgment against the Republic of Cuba; and represented the Republic of South Africa in lawsuits concerning Internet activity and domain names. He is also active in class action cases, predominantly in the areas of antitrust and consumer fraud. He was named a Northern California Super Lawyer from that recognition’s inception.