Working Group Charter for Synchronize
(Community Constitution Creation)

Latest Status:

Project Synchronize has been completed. The culmination of the work resulted in a quorum of 10 people from around the world building the EOS Community Constitution. This took much of the work that resulted from months of Alliance governance calls and aggregated it into one proposal. The EOS Community Constitution was then put to referendum for token holders to vote on. This project is dedicated to the late David Margulies, one of the major authors of the EOS Community Constitution and one of the most passionate members of the EOSIO community. If you would like to donate to his family, please send funds to

Project topic: EOS Governing Documents Making Process

Team name: Synchronize

Value Added to EOS

Regulatory certainty and confidence in how future decisions will be made and what rules will apply to making those decisions. Ability to plan for the longer term. Ratified governing document(s).  Proposal/voting tool for use into the distant future. Ballot crafting standards built.

Weekly updates: (include link to broadcast channel)

Expected due date(s)

  • This is dependant on when proposal/voting tools are completed and in production mode. That said, the expected start of voting is in February, 2019.


  • CJ Anders
  • Daniel Keyes
  • David Margulies
  • David Packham
  • Dmitri Prokopenko
  • Haley Thomson
  • Jetse Sprey
  • Josh Kauffman
  • Jun Dam
  • Justin Buck
  • Kevin Rose
  • Kevin Wilcox
  • Martin Breuer
  • Myra Wang
  • Rami James
  • Ryan Bethem
  • Samuli Pahalahti
  • Thomas Cox
  • Todor Karaivanov
  • Yves La Rose

Problem Statement

EOS Mainnet does not have a ratified Constitution.  This leads to a lack of confidence in the finality of governance decisions now being made, and lends an air of ‘regulatory uncertainty’ (in essence) that is harmful to the community.  A number of tools and documents need to be built and organized before this is able to be completed.

Goal Statement

We have a Constitution voted in by consensus.  The tools built and documents prepared to achieve this goal will be leveraged and improved upon into the future.      



– Build and market tools for proposing and voting on referendums

– Build a document that standardizes best-practice structure for proposal submissions

– End with at least two proposals that are put to a side by side referendum vote that are inspiring enough to get a consensus vote.


– Force what is proposed or voted on in the proposal/voting tools

– Impose voting rules outside of precedent, eg., Article XI of interim C

– Delay referendum from occuring because group doesn’t agree with proposals

Proposed Sequence of Events

  • Week of November 11 – Charter proposed.  If passed, Charter announced. Purpose has already been defined in “EOS Constitution Making Process” Trello Board.  Work has already begun on-boarding workers and creating content.  Proposal/Voting tools have already been in the works for weeks. Ballot writing initiatives are also already in the works. There is a dedicated “EOS Synchronize” Telegram channel for this project.
  • Week of November 18  – Two meetings. Both split into ~4 groups, e.g., base layer arbitration discussion, best practice to merge proposals, process for making voting as likely to be successful/viable as possible, ballot crafting. This process is open to debate by the working group.
  • Weeks of November 25 to launch – Same as week before, depending on which projects are still ‘open.’
  • Further details as they come, including a transparent updated roadmap, released in weekly summaries.