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Ian Grigg

Pioneer in Financial Cryptography and Inventor of the Ricardian Contract

A renowned financial cryptographer who has been active in this space since 1995, Ian is inventor of both Ricardian Contracts and triple-entry accounting.

Educated at the University of South Wales (BSc Hons, Computer Science) and the London Business School (MBA Executive), Ian went on to specialise in financial cryptography and security and risk management. He spent six years with CAcert, the community-driven certification authority, as independent auditor, in its strategy and governance and then software development. He currently consults on P2P and has worked with R3 and Block.One.

Ricardian Contracts represent the canonical design pattern for tying a legal contract to a digital asset issued over the internet and is central to the Mattereum platform. Triple entry accounting merges cryptography and bookkeeping to eliminate reconciliation and allow accounts to be shared.

Bitcoin was the first large-scale triple entry system, rightly regarded as a potentially revolutionary advance on the double entry bookkeeping first found in the accounts of the Republic of Genoa in 1340.

Ian’s primary area of continuing research is in the exploration and construction of the next generation of identity and governance systems for users and he has advised many blockchain startups on best architecture and business models.