Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is on the Board of the EOS Alliance?

The initial board members are:

  1. A seat reserved for special appointment, held in the interim by Lightning Clearwater III, also serving as the Alliance’s General Counsel.
  2. Brock Pierce, EOS holder and early strategic advisor.
  3. Galia Benartzi, Co-founder of Bancor and LiquidEOS.
  4. Peter Li, founder of EOS Gravity, a community leader and Block Producer.
  5. Hai Feng, of EOS Store, an EOS Block Producer.
  6. Nix Nolledo, founder of blockchain startup ODX.
  7. AKON, multi-platinum artist and blockchain enthusiast.

2. Is person X being considered for the Board? Can I nominate someone for the Board?

The current board members are listed above and here. We are always looking for good people to work with. To suggest a particular person for service with the EOS Alliance, please send their particulars to us via the Contact Us feature of this website.

3. Who is on staff at the EOS Alliance?

Our staff include:

  • Thomas Cox
  • Myra Wang
  • CJ Anders

4. How is the EOS Alliance structured?

We are a traditional board based not for profit entity. Our volunteer board sets policy and our staff carry out policy.

Our primary activity is communication and the encouragement of dialog.

The primary structure is the Working Group. The current Working Groups are described on their own page.

5. Who has endorsed the EOS Alliance?

We have enjoyed a large number of endorsements. They are listed here.

6. Has endorsed the EOS Alliance?

No. To date, has been silent about the EOS Alliance. We believe this is smart leadership on their part. As the EOS community self-organizes, the Alliance needs to prove itself relevant separate from any mandate from If the Alliance were to receive a premature endorsement from, it would take away from the legitimacy the Alliance seeks to gather through its actions.

7. Where can I go to discuss the EOS Alliance?

Join the online public discussion of the EOS Alliance on Telegram in English here.

8. How do I get funding for my EOS project?

While the Alliance doesn’t fund projects, we’re happy to connect people. Prominent funders include EOS VC Fund ([email protected]). You may also be able to connect with potential funders on the EOS Opportunities telegram channel (”


For more question you can ask to our public telegram group.

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