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The EOS Referendum System is a tool to enable EOS token holders to vote on proposals with their staked tokens. It's up to you to craft proposals and vote on them.


Be part of the first governed blockchain.
EOS is strong because of its global community.
The voice of the community is the referendum.

Let's hear
your voice!

How does it work?

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Most common approach.

Download & Open Scatter Desktop (https://get-scatter.com/) -> Click Add Keys -> Create a new Scatter account for EOS main net, click “EOS Account”-> Here you can copy your Owner and Active Keys

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Safely save your EOS Owner & Active keys, when you click copy, you will be given an individual set of public and private keys for each.  Copy them to a document, print a hardcopy and save several digital copies off your computer, external thumb drive or CD.

While transactions on EOS are free you need to pay a small amount for account creation to allocate the needed Network resources.

Choose a unique 12 characters name using a-z and 1-5 only.

https://eos-account-creator.com – Buy account with Dollars

https://dapp.ethte.com/invitecode/buy?source=cpubaole – Buy with RMB

https://www.eosx.io/tools/account/create – Buy with exchange withdrawal

https://www.zeos.co/en/home – Purchase an account with BTC/ETH/BCH

Use these sites for secure creation and payment of your EOS account resources.  It will ask for your owner and active “public” keys you’ve generated.

If your tokens are still on an exchange simply send them to the 12 Character account you just created. Your account name is your address.

When you are using a Web Wallets, you’d need to login to their interface via Scatter. If you decide to use a Mobile Wallet you’d need to import your account with your keypair. Find a selection of Wallets below.

Stake your EOS tokens for CPU or NET and vote directly or by proxy. Click on the logos below to be redirected to the referendum voting page of the Web Wallets (Scatter required).  The featured Mobile Wallets are also supporting referendum voting, but need to be downloaded first.


Choose your voting interface by clicking on the logo

15% Voter participation needed


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