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Registration Guides

Data tooling and databases syncs

Quickly set up the EOS main network data synchronization to the mongodb database – By EOSpace


Tool to facilitate snapshoting of table states – by EOS Canada

Within `eosc tools` there is `chain-freeze` which allows you to execute stuff between blocks.


Automation Tools and Block Backups by BlockMatrix


Scripts – by HKEOS / Ghostbusters

On-boarding, qinstallation, wireguard config, filtering with Prometheus (haproxy/patroneos)…

Scripts – by Cryptolions

Easy on-boarding and installation scripts.

Scripts – by EOS Tribe

Good collection of perl scripts for managing your nodes/producers.

EOS BP Failover and Monitoring

Various bash scripts to help with BP failover and monitoring

eos-block-signer – by EOS Canada

Out of band Block Signer, with no key on disk.

Single-command chain initialization – by EOS Canada

`eos-bios boot` will populate a local `nodeos` with all transactions to simulate a `mainnet` (at launch time), or to create a chain with all latest contract versions, or custom boot sequences. Useful for testing of mainnet features or dev environments.

Builds and artifacts

Docker images – by EOS Canada

Contains builds of `nodeos`, build environments for both `nodeos` and the `wasmsdk`.  The corresponding Dockerfiles are in the build artifacts below.

Build artifacts – by EOS Canada

Contains builds of different smart contracts, using different version of build environments, and `eos` versions.




Atticlab Docs


Validation Tool – by EOS Nation


Cerberus API proxy/filter – by EOSDublin

Prometheus API proxy/filter – by HKEOS / Ghostbusters


Mainnet Monitor – by Cryptolions

Cypherglass Windshield – by Cypherglass

Monitoring Scripts – by EOS Tribe


Nagios Monitoring Plugins – by EOS 42

Nagios Bash Scripts – by EOS SEOUL

Monitoring the mainnet status and sending alert to your phone – by EosStore

Monitoring Node – by EOS Antpool

Backup strategies

This is a mainnet data backup –  by EosStore

Deterministic Snapshots




Command Reference


Useful Scripts

Pause / Unpause BP

Pause using ./cleos -u

Confirm using  ./cleos -u

./ -x

Then call [curl] to resume

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