Current rules for the EOS Alliance Communication Channels:

  • Channel Admins moderate the manner of conversation; we do not censor positions.
  • Don’t like our style? You’re always welcome to start a new group. We’ll even post a link.
  • Please do not engage in off-topic chat, token or RAM price talk, grumbling about specific persons, ad hominem attacks, disrespect, or impersonating another.
  • We subscribe to the Duluth Rules for Civil Discourse:

Pay attention, listen, be inclusive, don’t gossip, show respect, be agreeable, apologize, give constructive criticism, take responsibility.

  • We encourage critique.

Good critique:

-Calls out a single key idea or decision to be examined.
-Relates the idea or decision to either a design goal or an agreed best practice.
-Describes how the idea or decision either does or does not support that design goal or best practice.