Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

Help the Alliance determine community options for arbitration in EOS.
  • Should arbitration be mandatory at protocol level?
  • If so, how should ECAF gain initial funding?
  • How to scale arbitration to millions of cases?
  • Telegram chat group: start here.
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Working Group Members

The DR&A Working Group members will consist of the following volunteer members:
  • Amy Wan (Chair)
  • Lightning Clearwater / Terry Gross
  • Moti Tabulo
  • Colin Rule
  • Prof. Anyu (Andy) Lee
  • Ian Grigg
  • Jongsoo (Jay) Yoon
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  • 1

    Arbitration Architecture

  • 2

    Normal arbitration process

  • 3

    Appeals process

  • 4

    Process around changing the arbitration process

  • 5

    Socializing The Concept of Arbitration within the EOS Community

  • 6

    Funding for ECAF and amount of fees to file an arbitration


Amy Wan

Amy Wan

Amy Wan is Founder & CEO of Sagewise, which builds blockchain-agnostic dispute resolution infrastructure for smart contracts. She has authored the Bloomberg Law practice guide to ICOs and Lexis Nexis’ Private Equity practice guide.

Dr. Andy Lee

Dr. Andy Anyu Lee

Dr. Andy Anyu Lee is a Professor at University of International Business and Economy in Beijing, China; Executive Director of the Shenzhen Research Center at the University of International Business and Economy; and Director at Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association.

terry ross b&w

Lightning Clearwater / Terry Gross

Lightning has had an extensive focus on the changing face of copyright, trademark and media law in the digital age.

Colin Rule b&w

Colin Rule

Colin Rule is Vice President for Online Dispute Resolution at Tyler Technologies. Tyler acquired Modria.com, an ODR provider Colin co-founded, in 2017. From 2003 to 2011 Colin was Director of Online Dispute Resolution for eBay and PayPal.

moti tabulo 295 b&w

Moti Tabulo

Moti is currently the Head of the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF). Throughout his career, he has focused on putting in place the organisational structures required to bring complex technology products to market.

Jay Yoon summit B&W

Jongsoo (Jay) Yoon

Mr. Jongsoo (Jay) Yoon is a partner at Lee&Ko. His main practice areas include intellectual property rights, protection of personal information, internet, media content, broadcasting, information and communication, blockchain and entertainment.

Ian Grigg s 295 B&W

Ian Grigg

A renowned financial cryptographer who has been active in this space since 1995, Ian is inventor of both Ricardian Contracts and triple-entry accounting.

Stephan Zhang

Stephan Zhang

Stephan Zhang, EMAC representative

RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub - Blockchain Business Strategy Development