Dr. Andy Lee

Anyu (Andy) Lee

Online Dispute Resolution and Cross-Border Commerce Expert

Dr. Andy Anyu Lee is a Professor at University of International Business and Economy in Beijing, China; Executive Director of the Shenzhen Research Center at the University of International Business and Economy; and Director at Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association. Dr. Lee has worked in various senior engineering and engineering management roles in LSI Logic, Amdahl, Silicon Graphics and HP. IN 1996, he founded Internet Image, Inc. to develop Java-based Internet deployment technology. Later in 1999, Internet Image was merged with Interware. Dr. Lee returned to China in early 2000 to continue his career in the area of e-commerce and became the Director of E-Commerce Center of the Chinese Software Institute, Academy of Sciences. He subsequently founded Chinatech International Software Co., Ltd. Dr. Lee received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He is presently the Chairman and CEO of ChinaTech Future Technology Corp.