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Supporting the Community

At the time of our launch in August 2018, the Alliance was widely endorsed by EOS mainnet BPs. We have since engaged with the community to facilitate conversations on every important topic, across the globe and in multiple languages.
Worker Proposal System

EOS Alliance will neither seek nor accept Worker Proposal System funds until all board members have been elected, expected September 2019

Decentralized Group

The Alliance has been launched as a private initiative by a decentralized group of committed members of the EOS community from across the globe

On a quarterly basis the Alliance will hold elections, so that by 30-Sep-2019 all interim board members have been replaced with Community elected representatives serving staggered 3-year terms. (Initial terms will be truncated to provide staggering.)

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Key Alliance Initiatives

Public Updates

Outbound communications to the world about milestones and initiatives and responses to press inquiries or stories

Community Engagement

Facilitating internal communications within the community, including hosting events in different locations all over the world

Advancing Governance

The Alliance will facilitate communications and channels between all parties, while guarding against backroom deals and collusion

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The EOS Alliance seeks to promote, advocate and grow the EOS ecosystem to its full potential

EOS Alliance Principles

EOS Alliance will neither seek nor accept positional power of any kind. All governance power of the EOS mainnet resides in the Token Holders, their elected Block Producers, and community approved Arbitrators.
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The Alliance can never decide an outcome nor set community policy. It helps the community decide, via neutral and unbiased facilitation.
The Alliance will seek to accumulate knowledge power by engaging in regular communications activities, while translating key articles among the community, particularly in Chinese, English and Korean, as well as other languages.
The Alliance will never seek nor accept direct or independent access to any community funds, including but not limited to that found in ‘eosio.saving’.
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EOS Alliance will seek to build 'relationship power' by building bridges of affection among community members and helping us to get to know each other as human beings.
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